Nick Brown, a Kentish lad, was dissatisfied with the products available for waterproofing his hiking boots, and so he invented his own non-softening wax to do the job - Nick's wax! In 1977 he opened shop and was soon selling his wax to half of Europe. Thus was born the world's first water-based home-reproofing system, which now encompasses eco-friendly products for all outdoor gear from breathable clothing to ropes to tents to maps etc etc. If it needs proofing, trust Nikwax.
Nikwax - Tech Wash
Tech Wash
Description Using regular detergent destroys the DWR (Durable Water Repellency) coating on outdoor gear, but it is also vital to...
Nikwax - TX.Direct Wash-in
TX.Direct Wash-in
Description Over time the DWR (Durable Water Repellency) coating on outdoor gear wears off, and this effect is exacerbated by...
Nikwax - TX.Direct Spray-on
TX.Direct Spray-on
Description Over time the DWR (Durable Water Repellency) coating on outdoor gear wears off, and this effect is exacerbated by...
Nikwax - Suede & Nubuck Proof
Suede & Nubuck Proof...
Description Preserve the life of your leather boots with Nixwax Suede & Nubuck. Delivered in a convenient sponge-on bottle, this...
Nikwax - SoftShell Proof
SoftShell Proof
Description This wash-in treatment for soft-shell clothing from brand leaders Nikwax increases or renews water repellency and revives breathability. Prolong...
Nikwax - Footwear Cleaning Gel
Footwear Cleaning Gel
Description Keep your hiking shoes spick n' span with this sponge-on cleaning gel. When footwear is clean, it breathes better,...
Nikwax - Fabric & Leather Proof
Fabric & Leather Proof...
Description Your leather hiking boots were expensive and presumably you want to look after them so that they last you...
Nikwax - Down Wash Direct
Down Wash Direct
Description Wash-in treatment for down clothing and sleeping bags. These items need washing because down will not loft properly when...
Nikwax - Down Proof
Down Proof
Description Down is famous for collapsing when wet and losing its insulating properties. Help prevent that occurring with Nikwax Down...
Nikwax - Wool Wash
Wool Wash
Description Wash-in treatment for wool clothing. A gentle formula to clean your garments while enhancing their quick-drying wicking properties. Wool...
Nikwax - Cotton Proof
Cotton Proof
Description Cotton isn't usually a material we'd recommend using in the outdoors, but there are some exceptions, such as canvas...
Nikwax - Base Fresh
Base Fresh
Description Wash-in treatment for base layer clothing. We know synthetic layers have some great properties, but they also hold odour...


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