The fact is that many low- to middle-end hotels aren't going to have a bathroom full of little bottles for your pleasure, and those are the only kind of hotels that occur in the world's most interesting places! Better to take all your own toiletries, from towels and toiletry bags to soaps and even a washing line. You can thank us later.
Sea To Summit
Wilderness Wash
Description Hair, clothes, face, food - all things that need washing, and this is the wash that washes it all!...
from $4.95 to $6.95
Sea To Summit
Wilderness Wipes
Description At last - an outdoor company has seen fit to produce moist wipes to make our long drop experiences...
from $3.95 to $4.95
Sea To Summit - Hand Sanitizer
Sea To Summit
Hand Sanitizer
Description Delhi Belly; Ramses' Revenge; Montezuma's Delight - one  way to guarantee gastro in the third world is not keeping...
Lifeventure - Travel Mirror
Travel Mirror
Never look like a Gorgon again when exiting your cheap hotel room or tent! Use this handy mirror to check...
Sea To Summit - Shampoo with Conditioner
Sea To Summit
Shampoo with Conditioner
Description On a long hike you still have to wash your hair, and traditional soaps are a no-no. Sea to...
Lifeventure - Soap Leaves
Soap Leaves
Soap is a problem for backpackers and hikers - both liquid and bar versions are dense any heavy. What to...
Lifeventure - Travel Clothes Line
Travel Clothes Line
Description If you're travelling for a few weeks or months you'll find it very convenient to do a bit of...
Sea To Summit - Laundry Wash
Sea To Summit
Laundry Wash
Description Long-term travellers know that their few sets of clothes need to be washed constantly, and all those laundry bills...
Lifeventure - Flight Bottle Set
Flight Bottle Set
Ever since the new airline regulations came in post 9/11 unprepared travellers have lost millions of gallons of various liquids...
Lifeventure - Dry Wash
Dry Wash
Fight the bacteria on hikes and in dodgy bathrooms with this biodegradable, dermatologically-tested cleaning gel. Paraben and phosphate free, and...
Sea To Summit - Shaving Cream
Sea To Summit
Shaving Cream
Description Shaving foam - a huge container that takes up loads of room and potentially leaks all over your bag...
Lifeventure - All Purpose Soap
All Purpose Soap
'One soap to cleanse them all, one soap to wash them'. Yes, this concentrated, biodegradable all purpose liquid soap is...
Lifeventure - Travel Bath/Sink Plug
Travel Bath/Sink Plug
Don't get stuck having to jam a pair of old socks in the plughole of your hotel or campsite sink...
OSA Brands - Universal Sink Stopper Universal Sink Stopper
OSA Brands
Universal Sink Stopper
Description One handy trick to bear in mind when travelling is that many hotel bathrooms and camp kitchens don't come...
Go Travel - Pegless Washing Line
Go Travel
Pegless Washing Line
Description When your suitcase is full of quick-dry, easy wash clothing it makes sense to take a portable washing line...
Go Travel - Brush Guards - 4 Pack
Go Travel
Brush Guards - 4...
Description Ugh - toothbrush bristles can pick up all sorts of ghastly debris if left to roll around in your...


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