Multi-day hiking is no reason to let your hygiene standards slip so grab yourself a decent toiletry bag and fill it with decent toiletries. Soap, towel, even a shower - it's all here, along with some very nifty silicone, mess-free containers to stash all your gooey liquids. Clever.
Ultralite Towel
Description Packtowl exist for one reason only, and it's not their spelling. It's their ridiculously-light chammy style travel towels. One...
from $29.95 to $98.95
Sea To Summit
Pocket Towel
Description In the world of travel towels, Sea to Summit are kings. The Pocket towel is their lightest model which...
from $17.95 to $32.95
Nano Ultra-Compact Towel
Description Bushwalking - if you're doing it right you're going to get sweaty, and if you're doing it in humid...
Sea To Summit
Tek Towel
Description The Sea to Summit Tek Towel is made from absorbent and quick drying microfibre and is perfect for all...
from $18.95 to $46.95


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