There's nothing more satisfying than having the right tool for the job, especially if that tool is nestled in your pocket along with another 10 or 20 in the same unit. How good's that? From Swiss army knives to Leathermen, we have those tools, plus some straight up knives from the simple elegance of Opinel to the wickedly sharp.
Leatherman - Style CS Style CS
Style CS
Description This tiny tool is about to revolutionise your travels. The Style CS abandons the traditional Leatherman pliers for spring-action...
Leatherman - Style PS
Style PS
Description This tiny tool is about to revolutionise your travels. The Style PS is designed to include the 8 most...
Squirt PS4
Description The Squirt is the ultimate everything-in-your-pocket tool; you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. From fixing your wobbly...
Leatherman - Wingman
Description This is Trek & Travel's tool of choice - no, seriously! If something is loose in the shop, you...
Leatherman - Surge
Description This is a beast of a tool. With Leatherman's largest set of pliers and longest blades, the surge was...
Supertool 300
Description Oh, you want something? Well lucky you, because the Supertool has 19 heavy duty tools to keep you occupied....
Leatherman - Skeletool CX Skeletool CX
Skeletool CX
Description Got heaps of fiddly tools in your pocket that you never use and are just weighing you down? The...
Leatherman - Signal
Description At last - Leatherman have produced a tool specifically for us - the outdoorsmen and -women. It's called the...
Leatherman - Sidekick
Description The Sidekick is the multi-tool that the Wingman will be when it grows up. Featuring a beasty saw instead...
Description A classic offering, the Rebar combines the iconic box-style of the Supertool 300 and Micra with sloped-neck pliers optimised...
Juice S2
Description More for the practical tool-user than the connoisseur, the Juice S2 is a lightweight attachment to your backpack, sewing...
Juice XE6
Description The Juice has put on weight! The new XE6 packs a whopping 18 tools into the 8.3cm body we...


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