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This UK brand produce all sorts of excellent and useful bit n bobs for keeping you safe in the outdoors, specialising in emergency and travel accessories.
Lifesystems - Mountain Whistle
Mountain Whistle
Description Six blasts followed by one minute silence, then another six blasts followed by another minute silence, repeat until rescued....
Lifesystems - Firestarter
Description Can you light a fire in a rainstorm? Absolutely! The Lifesystems Fire Starter is a stick of engineered magnesium...
Lifesystems - Mountain Thermal Blanket
Mountain Thermal Blanket
Description When you're hypothermic and losing body heat fast, you need a reflective blanket. The waterproof, windproof, tough metalised polyester...
Lifesystems - Reusable Hand Warmers
Reusable Hand Warmers
A must for cold-blooded explorers everywhere, Lifesystems' Reusable Hand Warmers are a miracle of physics. These (two) gel pouches will...
Chlorine Dioxide Liquid (2...
Description When you're in the Great Outdoors you've always got to make sure your water source is clean and safe,...
Lifesystems - Heatshield Bag Heatshield Bag
Heatshield Bag
Description If you're out on a day hike or away from your base camp and benighted, constant rain, wind-chill and...
Lifesystems - Hurricane Whistle Hurricane Whistle
Hurricane Whistle
Description One of the loudest whistles around, the Lifestems Hurricane Whistle performs in all weather conditions even when extremely wet....
Lifesystems - Mountain Survival Bag Mountain Survival Bag
Mountain Survival Bag
Description In an emergency situation when you may be waiting for help for hours, or even days, a simple survival...
Lifesystems - Safety Whistle Safety Whistle
Safety Whistle
Description Designed to be just as effective wet or dry, the Lifesystems Safety whistle is an essential piece of kit...
Lifesystems - 15 Hour Lightsticks (2 Pack)
15 Hour Lightsticks (2...
Description Impress your friends at 1980s raves with these funky glow sticks. Wave them in the air like you just...


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