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SOTO - Windmaster Stove Windmaster Stove
Windmaster Stove
Description As stoves get ever lighter and more efficient, it takes a special company to come up with an innovative...
JETBOIL - Pot Support
Pot Support
Description So you've got a Jetboil cooking system - good choice - and now you have a Fluxring frypan or...
MSR - Pocketrocket 2 Mini Stove Kit
Pocketrocket 2 Mini Stove...
Description If you're looking for the perfect little one-person stove set-up you can't go far wrong with the recently-upgraded MSR...
MSR - Standard Fuel Pump
Standard Fuel Pump
Description A replacement fuel pump for your MSR liquid fuel stove. A pump is essential for the operation of your...
Jetboil Flash
Description The original Jetboil sparked a revolution in outdoor cooking. Boiling two cups in two minutes at 75-80% efficiency, the...
MSR - Pocket Rocket 2
Pocket Rocket 2
Description The ultra-lightweight, pocket-sized recently-upgraded MSR Pocket Rocket 2 is staggeringly simple to use--just twist the valve and light it...
Fuel Bottle 0.5L
Description It may be technically possible to carry your meths around in a small water bottle, but it isn't advisable....
from $34.99 to $36.99
JETBOIL - Jetboil Stash Jetboil Stash
Jetboil Stash
Description The new Stash is Jetboils lightest smallest and most compact stove yet. Coming in at a featherlight 200g but...
Optimus - Crux Weekend He Cook System
Crux Weekend He Cook...
Description This perfect little cooking system consists of Optimus' Crux Stove and the Terra Weekend Heat Exchange cook set. The...
JETBOIL - Jetboil Zip
Jetboil Zip
Description Everybody knows that the Jetboil Flash is the go-to stove system for speed cooking.  The patent-pending FluxRing™ heat exchanger...
Optimus - Nova Stove Nova Stove
Nova Stove
Description Designed and manufactured in Sweden, the Optimus Nova Liquid Fuel Stove is one of the most advanced liquid fuel...
360 DEGREES - 360 Furno Stove and Pot Set
360 Furno Stove and...
Description 360 Degrees make functional equipment at economic prices, and the Furno Range is no different. This bundle is made...
Fuel Bottle
Description Okay, so you've got your Whisperlite stove, but it's unusable without a compatible MSR fuel bottle. The aluminium bottle...
from $49.99 to $62.99
MSR - Dragonfly Duraseal Pump
Dragonfly Duraseal Pump
This is the lightest, most reliable pump on the market, redesigned to improve the performance of all MSR liquid-fuel stoves....
JETBOIL - Crunchit
Description Puncturing your gas canisters to make them safe to recycle can be an issue. The Crunchit safely vents the...
MSR - Heat Reflector/Windscreen
Heat Reflector/Windscreen
Description A heat reflector will make your remote burner stove system way more efficient by preventing all that hard-won radiant...
MSR - Universal Canister Stand Universal Canister Stand
Universal Canister Stand
Description   You can't always guarantee a nice flat bit of ground upon which to rest your gas canister and...
Mini Trangia 28-T
Description The Mini Stove 28T is Trangia's lightest fully inclusive stove, which means it include everything you need to cook...
360 DEGREES - 360 Furno Stove
360 Furno Stove
Description 360 Degrees make functional equipment at economic prices, and the Furno Stove is no different. Made with lightweight yet...
JETBOIL - Canister Stabilizer
Canister Stabilizer
Description Ingenious but important - a fold-out plastic doohickey to stabilize your fuel canister on uneven terrain, and only 27g....


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