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Striving to design the most beautiful and efficient stoves in the world, this Japanese company are managing to do just that.
SOTO - Windmaster Stove Windmaster Stove
Windmaster Stove
Description As stoves get ever lighter and more efficient, it takes a special company to come up with an innovative...
SOTO - Navigator Pot Set 2019 Navigator Pot Set 2019
Navigator Pot Set 2019
Description Just as they have recently improved upon all known stove designs with their Windmaster and Muka stoves, so Japan's...
SOTO - Od-1Np Muka Stove
Od-1Np Muka Stove
Description At last - a liquid fuel stove that doesn't need priming! Clean, fast and reliable, the Muku represents the...
SOTO - Muka Fuel Wide Mouth Btl 700Ml
Muka Fuel Wide Mouth...
Description Okay, so you've got your Muka stove, but it's unusable without a compatible Soto fuel bottle. The aluminium bottle...
SOTO - Micro Regulator Stove Micro Regulator Stove
Micro Regulator Stove


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