Striving to design the most beautiful and efficient stoves in the world, this Japanese company are managing to do just that.
Soto - Navigator Cook Set Navigator Cook Set
Navigator Cook Set
Description Just as they have recently improved upon all known stove designs with their Windmaster and Muka stoves, so Japan's...
Soto - Windmaster Stove Windmaster Stove
Windmaster Stove
Description As stoves get ever lighter and more efficient, it takes a special company to come up with an innovative...
Muka OD-1NP Stove
Description At last - a liquid fuel stove that doesn't need priming! Clean, fast and reliable, the Muku represents the...
Soto - Soto Fuel Bottle
Soto Fuel Bottle
Description Okay, so you've got your Muka stove, but it's unusable without a compatible Soto fuel bottle. The aluminium bottle...


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