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Probably the world's most famous compasses, and still the best. Swedish precision engineering.
SILVA - Compass Field Ms
Compass Field Ms
Description It may have been been renamed, but the Field MS (formerly Field 7) is still the industry standard compass...
SILVA - Ranger Sl Ms
Ranger Sl Ms
Description Silva's Ranger SL MS is the smallest 'real' compass you'll find this side of Timbuktu.Everthing is downsized but none...
SILVA - Ranger S Ms
Ranger S Ms
Description The Ranger S MS is the older brother of the classic Ranger that we know and love. The S...
SILVA - Ranger Ms
Ranger Ms
Description A step up from it's little brother the Field, the Ranger MS is the go-to tool for most map...
Expedition S Ms
Description The Expedition now has a sighting mirror! Silva's Expedition S retains the rugged Dryflex housing, magnetic declination adjustment screw...
SILVA - Expedition Ms
Expedition Ms
Description Silva's Expedition is the front-runner in their series of world-leading compasses.The base plate model has four different map-measuring scales...


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