There is no question about who the leading experts in outdoor gear are: with a name synonymous with quality, years of experience, multiple-award-winning technology and a excellent in-house design team, MSR provides unbeatable gear year after year. From their green environmental ethos to their excellent customer service, they continually catch our eye and win our esteem. It would be difficult to find an outdoor fanatic who at some point hasn't owned at least one PocketRocket, Therm-A-Rest or water filter. MSR (under its parent company of Cascade Designs) remains a family-owned company who manufacture the majority of their products in Seattle, USA; and Cork, Ireland.
Dromlite Reservoir
Description Water is important to life; you don't want to see it leaking into the desert sands after rupturing your...
from $64.95 to $74.95
MSR - Dromedary Hydration Kit
Dromedary Hydration Kit
Description Do you really need to buy a hydration reservoir and water carrying system on your next desert trek? Of...
MSR - Pocket Rocket 2 Stove
Pocket Rocket 2 Stove...
Description The ultra-lightweight, pocket-sized recently-upgraded MSR Pocket Rocket 2 is staggeringly simple to use--just twist the valve and light it...
MSR Fuel Bottle
Description Okay, so you've got your Whisperlite stove, but it's unusable without a compatible MSR fuel bottle. The aluminium bottle...
from $43.95 to $51.95
MSR - Standard Fuel Pump
Standard Fuel Pump
Description A replacement fuel pump for your MSR liquid fuel stove. A pump is essential for the operation of your...
MSR - Piezo Ignitor
Piezo Ignitor
Description Never again scrabble around for matches or spend ten minutes frantically shaking an empty lighter. This reliable handheld piezo...
MSR - Titan 2 Pot Set
Titan 2 Pot Set...
Description MSR specialise in cooking and do it very well, with all their equipment manufactured in the USA. You'll be...
MSR - Pocket Rocket 2 Stove Kit
Pocket Rocket 2 Stove...
Description If you're looking for the perfect little one-person stove set-up you can't go far wrong with the recently-upgraded MSR...
MSR - Alpine Utensil Set
Alpine Utensil Set
Description This three-piece MSR utensil set consists of a spatula (with serrated edge for cutting), a serving spoon (marked with...
MSR - Annual Stove Maintenance Kit
Annual Stove Maintenance Kit...
Description MSR stoves are designed to be field maintainable, very good, but you still need the tools to do the...
MSR - Heat Reflector with Windscreen
Heat Reflector with Windscreen...
Description A heat reflector will make your remote burner stove system way more efficient by preventing all that hard-won radiant...
MSR - Universal Canister Stand Universal Canister Stand
Universal Canister Stand
Description   You can't always guarantee a nice flat bit of ground upon which to rest your gas canister and...
MSR - Trailshot Pocket Water Filter Trailshot Pocket Water Filter
Trailshot Pocket Water Filter...
Description The latest water filter from clean water experts MSR is the Trailshot - a fantastically lightweight and user-friendly unit...
MSR - Windburner Stove
Windburner Stove
Description This could be the stove you've been waiting for. When MSR release new products, they do not do so...
MSR - Whisperlite International
Whisperlite International
Description The MSR WhisperLite Internationale is the most popular lightweight multi fuel stove on the market for trekkers and low...
MSR - Reactor 1.0L Stove System
Reactor 1.0L Stove System...
Description There's only one word for the MSR Reactor--impressive. This all-in-one cooking system has grown out of the roots of...
MSR - MiniWorks EX Water Filter
MiniWorks EX Water Filter...
Description Not keen on drinking from that brackish, stagnant pond? The MSR MiniWorks features double-filtering ceramic EX technology which uses...
MSR - LiteLifter Pot Handle
LiteLifter Pot Handle
Description Capable of lifting a 3-litre pot full of water, this 28g Aluminium ultra-light pot handle is the bees knees....
MSR - Hyperflow Microfilter
Hyperflow Microfilter
Description The Hyperflow is MSR's fastest flow-rate water filtration unit, part of their Fast & Light range. At 3L/minute, you...
MSR - Dragonfly Stove
Dragonfly Stove
Description If you are fed up with slow cook time or--alternatively--food seared to the bottom of your pan? Then the...


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