Katadyn's history is rooted in over 80 years of innovation and discovery, and surrounded by a nostalgic air of test tubes and bunsen burners. In the 1930's, Professor Alexander Krause of Munich, Germany, discovered that by using silver ions deposited in water via electrolysis, he could purify it bacteriologically. Katadyn has been at the forefront of water purification and desalination ever since, and is currently the choice of a whopping 50% of the water purification market. In 2001, Katadyn joined Exstream and PUR Outdoor, and in 2007 Optimus Sweden joined forces to present a formidable array of high quality equipment and tools for the outdoors-person.
Katadyn - Micropur Forte
Micropur Forte
Description Fast and effective water disinfection for clear water. The Katadyn Micropur Forte Tablets use silver ions combined with a...
Katadyn - Hiker Pro Water Filter
Hiker Pro Water Filter...
Description The PUR / Katadyn Hiker Pro Filter is a lightweight filter designed for general wilderness activities. Incorporating an AntiClog...
Katadyn - Mini Water Filter
Mini Water Filter
Description The Katadyn Mini Water Filter is a lightweight and compact filtration system for anyone who enjoys regular trips to...


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