Urban and business travel

Urban and business travel

Urban & Business Travel

If you belong to this group, chances are you’re not planning on 'roughing it' particularly, and in fact you might have some very comfortable accommodations and transport lined up! But there are still several items which can make an enormous difference to you during your travels—either items which you’ll end up finding indispensably handy (but small), or ones which end up averting disaster in a strange culture!

General gear
• Travel pack or hybrid pack (with detachable daypack
• Daypack (if not included on your pack/suitcase)
• Walking shoes
• Thongs or sandals
• Sarong or wrap
• Compact trek towel (quick-drying microfibre)

Travel accessories
• Pegless clothes line
• Travel pillow or neck pillow
• Vacuum compression bags to minimise clothing space needed, or
• Packing cells
• Compact water purification system such as SteriPEN or Micropur tablets
• Concealed wallet or money belt
• Power adaptor(s)
• Sunscreen
• Insect repellent (where needed)
• Camera
• Water bottles or hydration pack
• Spare batteries
• Earplugs
• Sewing kit
• Pacsafe document wallet
• Packing cells

• Concentrated detergent
• Concentrated shaving cream
• Sanitising hand gel
• Concentrated soap/bodywash
• Concentrated shampoo