We Walk the Walk - 20 Products we used last weekend at Barrington Tops

We Walk the Walk - 20 Products we used last weekend at Barrington Tops

Here at Trek & Travel we're proud of the fact that we don't just sell the gear we stock - we buy it and use it ourselves on our adventures to make sure we know the equipment inside out. On a visit to Barrington Tops National Park last weekend, staff member Dan decided to catalogue all of the things he and his wife were using that came from Trek & Travel. He's been with us for a while so there were a lot. Here we present Dan's Top 20 list of gear items that he actually uses on all of his trips, with in situ photographs and links to the product pages.

Remember - at Trek & Travel ... We've Been There!

Aarm Peak Aspiration Pack - $349.95 (https://www.trekandtravel.com.au/collections/packs/products/peak-aspiration)

Back Country Cuisine Spag Bol - $9.95 (Plus Flamess Heater Pack for the Total Fire Ban last weekend) (https://www.trekandtravel.com.au/collections/camp-kitchen/Camp-Food)

Platypus Big Zip 2L - $67.50  - Cool, but not as cool as the actual live platypus we saw! Soooo exciting! (neither currently available online)

Nalgene Narrow Mouth 500ml Bottle - $16.95 (https://www.trekandtravel.com.au/collections/hydration/products/narrow-mouth-tritan-500ml)

One Planet Goondie 2 Tent 30D Mesh Inner - $679.95 (https://www.trekandtravel.com.au/collections/shelter/products/goondie-2)

Exped Fold Drybag BS 8L - $21.95 (https://www.trekandtravel.com.au/collections/packs/products/fold-drybag-bs)

Sea to Summit Spark II Sleeping Bag - $449.95 (https://www.trekandtravel.com.au/collections/sleeping-gear/products/spark-spii)

Exped Synmat 7 UL Sleeping Mat - $219.95 (https://www.trekandtravel.com.au/collections/sleeping-gear/products/synmat-ul-7)

Sea to Summit Talus II Sleeping Bag - $549.95 (https://www.trekandtravel.com.au/collections/sleeping-gear/products/talus-tsii)

Sea to Summit Ultralight Insulated Sleeping Mat - $189.95 (https://www.trekandtravel.com.au/collections/sleeping-gear/products/ultralight-insulated-mat)

Cancel Council Sport Sunscreen - $19.95 (https://www.trekandtravel.com.au/collections/health-safety/products/sunscreen-110ml-sport)

Opinel Carbon Steel Pocket Knife #8 - $20.95 (https://www.trekandtravel.com.au/collections/knives-tools/products/carbon-steel-folding-knife)

ACR ResQLink PLB - $349.95 (https://www.trekandtravel.com.au/collections/emergency-accessories/products/resqlink)

Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow UL - $52.95 (https://www.trekandtravel.com.au/collections/sleeping-gear/products/aeros-ultralight-pillow)

Julbo Dolgan Spec 3 Sunglasses (Sadly discontinued)

Platypus Platy Preserve Wine Bottle - $19.95 (Not currently available online)

NSW 1:25,000 Topo Maps - $16.25 (https://www.trekandtravel.com.au/collections/navigation-plbs/products/topographical-map)

Atka Pocket Drop Ground Cloth - $29.95 (Not currently available online)

Suunto Traverse GPS Watch - $629.95 (https://www.trekandtravel.com.au/collections/watches/products/traverse-gps-watch)

Leatherman Juice S2 Multi Tool - $159.95 (https://www.trekandtravel.com.au/collections/knives-tools/products/juice-s2)