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New Exped sleeping mats explained - Ultra, Dura, Versa

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Exped has gone through a complete overhaul of its sleeping mats for 2022. Sleeping mat names now indicate type of sleeping mat, characteristics and R-value, or warmth rating. For example, the new Ultra 5R Mummy is an Ultra-light mat, with an R-value of 5, and is in a mummy shape. Additionally, Exped is moving towards a more sustainable product line and manufacturing process. Going forward sleeping mats are now produced using recycled materials and are carbon neutral. The new mats for 2022 are the Ultra range, replacing the SynMat UL and HL mats, the Versa range which is replacing the AirMat Lite 5’s and the Dura range, which is replacing the SynMat 7 and DownMat 9’s. 

The Ultra range is characterised by its ultra-lightweight 20D material construction and extreme packability and is best suited for lightweight hiking. Like its predecessor the Ultra 3R range uses synthetic insulation to achieve its R-value of 3, with the Ultra 5R Mummy using more synthetic insulation to achieve its R-value of 5 whilst keeping weight low by way of its mummy shape. 

The Dura range is characterised by higher R-values and thicker 75D material construction, and is best suited for cooler climates and alpine conditions where durability means survivability. For the Dura mats with an R-value of 5R synthetic insulation is used, for Dura 6R and 8R down insulation is used to keep weight and pack size to a minimum. 

Finally, the Versa, as the name suggests, is the go to versatile budget option. That's not to say it's lacking however, the Versa uses the thicker more durable 75D material found on the Dura range and also comes in a range of R-values, 1R, 2R and 5R, meaning that a quality insulated mat for winter won't break the bank.  

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