Camping is a lot more comfortable when you're out of the wind and rain. Sure, sandstone overhangs are cool but they don't crop up just anywhere. Much better if you take something with you! Whether your preference is for tent, tarp, hammock or bivvy bag, they're all here! We've got the best store display space in Sydney, which we've tried to translate online, and the best options for lightweight shelters. Have a look.
Outdoor Research - Alpine Bivy Alpine Bivy
Outdoor Research
Alpine Bivy
Description The Alpine Bivy is Outdoor Research’s most durable, breathable and comfortable bivy bag. Made from tape-sealed 3-layer Gore-Tex with...
Outdoor Research - Helium Bivy
Outdoor Research
Helium Bivy
Description The Helium Bivy is Outdoor Research’s new, super lightweight version of their classic Alpine Bivy. Made from tape-sealed Pertex...
Coghlans - Survival Bag
Survival Bag
Description Talk about a multi-purpose emergency item! This bright orange, tough plastic bag can be used for: waterproof pack liner;...
Lifesystems - Survival Bivi Survival Bivi
Survival Bivi
Description If you're out on a day hike or away from your base camp and benighted, constant rain, windchill and...


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