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Want to know exactly where you're going, or where you were? Our GPSs can handle everything from weekend geocaching to intensive back-country navigation, while a compass is an essential standby tool and never runs out of batteries! Very often the difference between life and death, and rapidly becoming compulsory for adventure racers and long-distance travellers, PLBs (or Personal Locator Beacons) are small enough now to be a no-brainer when it comes to safety. Think of it as a cheap helicopter ride!
Guide Map Case
Description It's no good having a map if it's all soggy - contour lines tend to blur, transforming gentle slopes...
from $29.99 to $37.49 $39.99
NSW Topo Map 1-25...
Description These are the official 1:25 000 scale topographical maps from the NSW government Land & Property Division, covering the...
Ortlieb - Document Bag A4 - 30 x 22cm Sale
Document Bag A4 -...
Description Put your mind at ease--and your documents in safety--with Orlieb's tear-resistant, waterproof pouches. It's flexible, transparent and light, and...
$19.96 $24.95
Lifeventure - Waterproof Map Case
Waterproof Map Case
Description It's a map case! You know, you put maps inside to keep them dry, but you can still read...
Lifeventure - DriStore LocTop Bags - Maps
DriStore LocTop Bags -...
Description These light but strong polymer waterproof bags from Lifeventure will protect anything you care to put in them from...


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