A love letter to my camp kitchen set up

A love letter to my camp kitchen set up

Being faithful to good outdoor gear is a bit like a marriage. Once you’ve finally settled on that perfect piece of equipment its exciting, you invest in it, you discover that it’s there for you when conditions get tough and over time you get rather loyal and dare I say defensive of that precious piece of kit.

Boiling up some tea!
photo credit: Jeremy Plaisance


You think you’re perfectly happy and content until one day a new, young, sleek, lightweight set up hits your radar. This is what happened to me. I’ve had a long, faithful relationship with my Jetboil Minimo for 6 years ago. We’ve had some good times, me and the Minimo, more than I can count. But oh boy did my head turn when a gorgeous titanium single wall mug with lid and Optimus Crux stove passed my way. Simple, minimal, beautiful, it sparks Marie-Kondo-type joy. 

Cooking up dinner in old faithful
photo credit: Jemima


To my long loved Jetboil Minimo, there’s a new kitchen set up in my life. Sure it doesn’t have the fuel efficiency you do. Sure it doesn’t have the stability you Do and yeah sure it doesn’t boil water as fast as you do but at half the weight and about two thirds of the size I’m sorry to say, I’ve fallen for a new bit of kit. 

Whats in the Pot?
Keith 900ml Single-Wall Titanium Mug with Lid - 121g
Keith Folding Spork or Spoon - 18g
Optimus Crus Stove - 83g

A packed and unpacked side by side
photo credit: Jemima