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Of all the equipment you’re going to own, use and hopefully love during your long years of hiking, two key pieces stand out as being the most important to get right in terms of comfort: your footwear and your backpack. Whilst you can quickly pop into Trek & Travel on your lunch break and pick up a map, a head torch or even a sleeping mat, the same is not recommended for boots & bags. In order to find the most suitable, most comfortable items for your particular body or foot shape takes a bit of time and a degree of skill, and that’s where we come in.

At Trek & Travel we are proud of our fitting services and of our extensive range, one of the largest in Sydney CBD. We train our staff properly to measure and assess your needs and custom fit equipment for you personally. Such expertise gained us the enthusiastic approval of Australian Geographic Outdoor magazine and we are able to offer the same unbeatable service to all our customers.

If you’re coming from far away, or your timetable is tight and you need to be fitted as quickly as possible (but still expertly), we now offer fitting appointments for hiking footwear and multi-day packs. [Bookings are unnecessary for lighter items such as day packs, running shoes etc; any member of staff should be able to help you out with those at any time.] Simply email us at or call on (02) 9261 3435. See you soon!


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