9. Coast to Coast


The following is our suggested gear list for anybody preparing to hike the Coast to Coast. The track is well worn and maintained by many pairs of boots, but can be muddy and windswept through the three national parks. Rain is a possibility anytime in the UK summer so good, breathable rain gear is essential. It can get cold on the tops so base layers, preferably merino, should be taken, but during good weather synthetic clothing is best as it wicks away the sweat efficiently. This list assumes you are Bed & Breakfasting; campers should take the usual camping gear.


While we take every care with our recommendations, please bear in mind that your gear and clothing should be chosen according to what fits you best. Items like boots and shoes in particular need to be chosen with great attention to personal comfort and fit. Only men's items have been listed below to avoid duplication. If equivalent women's items do not exist then alternatives have been listed. If you have any questions or need further detail, don't hesitate to contact us.