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There is only one name in storm-proof alcohol stoves - the original Swedish Trangia, often imitated but never bettered in over 80 years. This is the ultimate travelling stove, a lightweight, self-contained unit running on fuel that can be easily found anywhere in the world. Available in many varieties of aluminium and pot combinations, but always with a stability and wind resistance to embarrass any butane or liquid fuel setup, the Trangia may well be the world's best stove system.
Md25 Multi-Disc For No...
Description This handy bit of kit will fit perfectly into your 25 Series Trangia set without disturbing your packing system....
F25 Bag For Cooker...
Description You love your Trangia stove, right? It has that neat strap to hold it together but wouldn't it be...
TRANGIA - Sr25 Simmering Ring
Sr25 Simmering Ring
Description This is a replacement Simmer Ring that is compatible with all Trangia stove systems that use the B25 Brass...
Th25 Handle
Description Lost your Trangia spondonicles? Get more! This lightweight aluminium accessory is compatible with the whole Trangia range and is...


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