MSR - Annual Stove Maintenance Kit
Annual Stove Maintenance Kit...
Description MSR stoves are designed to be field maintainable, very good, but you still need the tools to do the...
Jetboil - Fuel Can Stabilizer
Fuel Can Stabilizer
Description Ingenious but important - a fold-out plastic doohickey to stabilize your fuel canister on uneven terrain, and only 27g....
MSR - Heat Reflector with Windscreen
Heat Reflector with Windscreen...
Description A heat reflector will make your remote burner stove system way more efficient by preventing all that hard-won radiant...
MSR Fuel Bottle
Description Okay, so you've got your Whisperlite stove, but it's unusable without a compatible MSR fuel bottle. The aluminium bottle...
from $43.95 to $51.95
Description This handy bit of kit will fit perfectly into your 25 Series Trangia set without disturbing your packing system....
Optimus Fuel Bottle
Description Okay, so you've got your Nova stove, but it'syou won't be able to use it to heat up your...
from $34.95 to $39.95
MSR - Piezo Ignitor
Piezo Ignitor
Description Never again scrabble around for matches or spend ten minutes frantically shaking an empty lighter. This reliable handheld piezo...
Jetboil - Pot Support
Pot Support
Description So you've got a Jetboil cooking system - good choice - and now you have a Fluxring frypan or...
Soto - Soto Fuel Bottle
Soto Fuel Bottle
Description Okay, so you've got your Muka stove, but it's unusable without a compatible Soto fuel bottle. The aluminium bottle...
MSR - Standard Fuel Pump
Standard Fuel Pump
Description A replacement fuel pump for your MSR liquid fuel stove. A pump is essential for the operation of your...
Trangia - Stove Bag
Stove Bag
Description You love your Trangia stove, right? It has that neat strap to hold it together but wouldn't it be...
Trangia Fuel Bottle
Description It may be technically possible to carry your meths around in a small water bottle, but it isn't advisable....
from $32.95 to $34.95
MSR - Universal Canister Stand Universal Canister Stand
Universal Canister Stand
Description   You can't always guarantee a nice flat bit of ground upon which to rest your gas canister and...


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