In 1999, the outdoor and travel worlds were revolutionized by the introduction of the SteriPEN: an ultra-lightweight, incredibly fast water purifier. Up until then, the only way to deal with potential viruses in unknown water was by boiling it, or by the use of unpleasant-tasting chemical or iodine treatments. All at once, in 90 seconds, you could have a litre of pure water, not only free from bacteria and cryptosporidium but from viruses as well! SteriPENs took off and since then have become not only a benchmark tool for travellers and hikers but an essential piece of equipment for emergency kits. Recent natural disasters like the Haiti earthquakes have seen quantities of SteriPENs distributed to alleviate the suffering and danger of contaminated waters.
Water Bottle Pre-Filter
Description You should already know that one of the best way to ensure your water is safe to drink is...


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