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Nalgene actually started out as laboratory equipment company, but in the true spirit of innovation which we so much admire, lab rats in the 70's started taking some of the bottles out of the labs to use on weekend hiking trips. When Nalgene's president Marsh Hyman realized that his son, and all of his boyscout friends, were doing the same thing, the idea took off. It would be hard—if not impossible—to find a hiker or traveller who doesn't own at least one (if not 10) Nalgene bottles of various size and styles. Nalgene has also taken the lead in environmentalism with their commitment to save the planet and spread the word on recycling and reusing, and we're enthusiastic to support that!
Wide Mouth Cantene 3000Ml
Description From the king of bottle makers, Nalgene, comes this on-the-fly drinking flexible and collapsible soft bottle - the Cantene....


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