McNett are to outdoor gear what doctors are to patients - if it's fixable, they'll fix it. Rebel against our consumerist, disposable society by getting the most out of your gear and saving money at the same time. If it's injured - cure it. If it's dead - well, we can't help you there.
Gear Aid - Gear Patches 20 Camping Gear Patches 20 Camping
Gear Aid
Gear Patches 20 Camping...
Description McNett, otherwise known as Gear Aid, are driven by the desire to repair - an admirable trait in this...
Gear Aid - Seam Grip + Tf Tent Fabric Sealant
Gear Aid
Seam Grip + Tf...
Description Let's face it, getting wet when you're supposed to be under a reliable shelter is a drag, so make...


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