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Jetboil typifies qualities which Trek & Travel prizes above all others: fearless innovation, practicality, and superior design! Ever since they launched in 2001, Jetboil has been sweeping up awards and attracting thousands of enthusiastic fans for their simple, efficient stove systems. Using FluxRing technology to maximise thermal efficiency and minimize loss of heat, their stove systems are lightweight, minimalist, and incredibly handy. With shnazzy accessories like frying pans and coffee presses which all pack down to near nothing, you can have all the comforts from home at a minimum of weight and fuss.
JETBOIL - Jetboil Minimo Jetboil Minimo
Jetboil Minimo
Description The original Jetboil sparked a revolution in outdoor cooking. Boiling two cups in two minutes at 75-80% efficiency, the...
JETBOIL - Sumo System
Sumo System
Description Everybody knows that the Jetboil Flash is the go-to stove system for speed cooking.  The patent-pending FluxRing™ heat exchanger...


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