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GSI - Cathole Camping Trowel
Cathole Camping Trowel
Description Do the right thing - bury your waste - Leave no Trace. Feel good with this recycled lexan, 1%...
Infinity Backpacker Mug
Description Retain the enjoyment of that first hot, delicious sip of your drink--all the way down to the bottom of...
Compact Scraper
Description Camp meals - the taste can be variable but they're always so sticky! If it's not pasta and sauce,...
Java Press
Description Be the hero of your caffeine-addicted friend circle even while camping, with this full-size Java Press from GSI. The...
GSI - Ultralight Java Drip
Ultralight Java Drip
Description If you can't start your motor in the morning until you've had your caffeine fix then camping in the...
GSI - Salt and Pepper Shaker
Salt and Pepper Shaker
Description Camp food may be dreary but there's no need to cook like a total luddite. Use salt & pepper,...
Commuter Java
Description We may love being in the outdoors but many of us can't handle a day without a caffeine hit....
GSI - Glacier Ss Bottle Cup
Glacier Ss Bottle Cup
Description Built to last, the Glacier Bottle Cup is made from ultra-light and super-durable food-grade stainless steel. Large enough to...
GSI - Pivot Spatula Pivot Spatula
Pivot Spatula
Boulder 6 Flask
Lockdowns, kids, work stresses, global pandemics, Mondays, kids… we all need a good drink sometimes and now with the Boulder...
GSI - Pivot Tongs Pivot Tongs
Pivot Tongs
Boulder 10 Flask
Description Been on the hunt for the perfect way to take your favourite whisky, rum or gin out into the...
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GSI - Glacier Stainless Double Wall Wine Glass Glacier Stainless Double Wall Wine Glass
Glacier Stainless Double Wall...
Description Whether you are drinking chilled white wine on a hot summer day or your favorite red vintage in a...
GSI - Stemless White Wine Glass Stemless White Wine Glass
Stemless White Wine Glass
Description The stem-less design of this white wine glass creates a very low center of gravity for surprising stability even on...
Soft Sided Condiment Set
Description Camp food may be dreary but if you take these guys along you can spice it up with some Sriracha,...
Glacier Stainless Camp Cup
Description Sick and tired of drinks that go cold 5 minutes after making them and cups that are too hot...
Halulite Minimalist II
Description   Looking for an ultra light ultra packable cooking setup for those overnight missions? this is for you with...
GSI - Peppermill
Description Pre-ground pepper not good enough for your al dente camp pasta? Grind away like a disdainful Italian waiter with...
GSI - Personal Java Press Personal Java Press
Personal Java Press
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