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Here at Trek & Travel we are blessed to live within reach of the Blue Mountains and its amazing canyons, and we love exploring them! If you're thinking of getting into this exciting activity, we stock a range of gear suitable for dragging down waterfalls. Durable, waterproof, or both, canyoning clothing and gear takes a lot of punishment. Sure you can, and should, use your old clothing but cheap and inappropriate gear will break quickly and end up in landfill. We want to avoid that, which is why we don't sell Dunlop Volleys!

Unfortunately we are not licensed to sell the hardware side of things (harnesses, helmets, rope, carabiners etc) but our in-store partners Southern Cross Equipment stock all these cool things! Have a look at their website, then give them a call on (02) 9286 1507/1508 or pop in to make a purchase.


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