Exped has been making quality outdoor gear since 1997, but they really caught the world's attention in 2002 when they came out with the DownMat—a watershed moment that revolutionized the field of sleeping mats. The DownMat won the 2002/3 European Outdoor Award—Europe's most prestigious award which has only one winner each year. Since then, they have expanded their range to include tents, dry bags, sleeping bags and backpacks, but we still consider their mats one of their nicest features! Their ingenious simplicity, light weight, excellent craftsmanship and functionality has been translated into their expanded range, which now includes synthetic filled and ultra-light air-filled mats.
Camp Slippers-Insulated Hut Booties
Description If the Camp Booty is overkill, slip your dogs into a pair of Exped's comfy Camp Slippers on your...
Fold Drybag UL
Description Dry bags are the way forward, and will surely someday rule the world. The Exped Fold Drybag UL series...
from $19.95 to $47.95
Camp Booty
Description The deliciously warm synthetic Camp Booty from Exped will keep your toes toastie after a day's tough hiking in...
Exped - Mega Mat 10 LXW - 4 Season Camp Mattress
Mega Mat 10 LXW...
Description Welcome to the best night's sleep of your camping career. Switzerland's Exped, world famous for their sleeping mats, have...
Mesh Organiser
Description These super-light Mesh Organisers from Exped are perfect for sorting out all your gear in your luggage. Airy and...
from $19.95 to $34.95
REM Pillow
Description If you dislike the bouncy feeling of inflatable pillows and yet find that foam-filled pillows are too bulky, Exped...
from $79.95 to $89.95
Vista Organiser
Description Perfect for travellers, this Vista Organiser pouch from Exped is durable and water resistant to help you keep documents,...
from $27.95 to $42.95
Exped - Synmat UL M - Ultralight Sleeping Mat
Synmat UL M -...
Description The latest and greatest addition to the Exped Synmat range is the ultra-light Synmat UL. With an updated baffle design it...
Fold Drybag
Description Dry bags are the way forward, and will surely someday rule the world. The Exped Fold Drybag BS series...
from $19.95 to $36.95
Waterproof Compression Bag
Description Exped perfected dry bags years ago, and now they've brought back their sturdy and practical range of Waterproof Compression...
from $51.95 to $59.95
Schnozzel UL Pump Bag...
Description Exped flat valve sleeping mats can be inflated in a variety of ways, including blowing and pumping, but they...
Zip Pack UL
Description Compartmentalise to your heart's content with these featherweight Zip Packs from Swiss legends Exped. The lightest splashproof packing cells...
from $37.95 to $59.95
Exped - Synmat HL Winter M - 4 Season Sleeping Mat
Synmat HL Winter M...
Description Manufacturers keep on pushing the boundaries of what is possible vis-a-vis the warmth to weight ratios of technical sleeping...
Cord Drybag UL
Description Improve your compartmentality further with the ultra-lightweight Cord Drybag UL from Swiss packing legends Exped. Strong and superlight yet...
from $19.95 to $39.95
Exped - MegaMat DUO 10 - 4 Season Double Camp Mattress MegaMat DUO 10 - 4 Season Double Camp Mattress
MegaMat DUO 10 -...
Description Welcome to the best night's sleep of your camping career - the Megamat Duo 10 LW+! Switzerland's Exped, world...
Exped - Air Pillow UL M
Air Pillow UL M
Description If you thought the Exped Air Pillow was light, you were right, but the UL (ultralight) version is only...