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Sean - Sales Assistant

Name:  Sean Janda
  I was born in Florida, USA and raised in western Georgia where I developed many redneck skills and a distinct hatred for country music. It seems inappropriate to say that I was ‘educated’ in the Georgia public school system and so rather state that I attended public school in Georgia. After becoming bored of studying biology and anthropology at the University of West Georgia I decided to join the United States Marine Corps to travel the world and meet people from the various cultures I studied. Following a combat deployment in Afghanistan I met an aussie chick who fed me and I followed her home.

Trail running, speed hiking, sport climbing, lithic reduction, strength and conditioning training. 

Favourite trek: Aniani Nui Ridge Trail

What do you love about the outdoors?: I like experiencing the real world, not the contrived one that we’ve built for ourselves and to which we’ve become too accustomed.

Favourite piece of gear: The Steripen Classic 3. It’s really cool how I can scoop up water from stream that would normally make me sick, stir a light bulb in for a few seconds, and then it’s suddenly safe to drink. Ionizing radiation is cool!

Countries Visited:                          Hikes Hiked:

Australia Gloucester Tops NP, NSW
Main Range Circuit, NSW
New Zealand
USA Great Smoky Mountains
Appalachian Trail (Sections)

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