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Choose your own Adventure-DAD

Posted by Trek and Travel Staff on

Father’s Day is just around the corner (6th of September) and we’d like to offer everyone a special father’s day pressie from us, 15% off Store wide (excluding electronics). Use the Code ADVENTUREDAD20 online or mention our Adventure Dad Sale in store to receive your 15% off until Father's day.

Whether your dad is a gram counter who cuts the handle off his toothbrush to shave a few grams, he's used his gear to death and he deserves an upgrade or he's a newby to the outdoors, get him something he'll love.

We've put a list together of ideas on how to spend Father's day and what to buy your adventure dad. 

The 2020-Ready Adventure-Dad

If 2020 has taught us anything it's that anything can happen and that preparation is the key, but hey us outdoorsy folks already knew that right?

If Dad is the overly prepared type think about getting him a Lifestraw to filter out those nasties from the water. He’ll need a good Knife/Multitool and emergency shelter too. Don’t let Dad get lost with a GPS and PLB. The Inreach allows dad to stay in touch while escaping it all.

The Traditional Hiking Adventure-Dad

A classic Tilley Hat for a classic hiking dad. These made-in-Canada wide brimmed hats don’t just look the part, but they are fantastic under the Aussie sun too.

For the Dad’s who always end up carry their kids stuff for them the family pack-horse might be in need of a new pack! We’ve also got boots galore and a new head torch will also make dad beam (dad joke)


The Gourmet Chef Adventure-Dad

Does Dad love cooking in the kitchen at home? Well he can be outdoors as well. Check out the range of stoves, pots and food. Dad will be stoked to be cooking up a storm in the outdoors and if you’re lucky he might even cook for you too.

The Trail-Running Adventure-Dad

Does dad love the outdoors in double time? You might have a Trail Running Dad. Trail running dads are often in need of the latest and greatest Salomon running vest, nutrition to keep them moving, soft flasks/hydration bladders to re-hydrate, funky running caps, or outlandish DDGs to keep pesky rocks out of their running shoes


The Loves-His-Creature-Comforts Adventure-Dad

Glamping on the go with lightweight packable Helinox chairs and Table. For the best night sleep of his life check out the Mega Mat, or the Synmat UL7 if he’s a gram counter.

For the beverage loving dads, either coffee in the morning dad or vino at night, we’ve got loads of great Coffee making options (see our coffee-in-the-outdoors blog for ideas or the evening tipple with the GSI Wine Glass and Platypreserve.

The My-Knees-Ain’t-What-They-Used-To-Be Adventure-Dad

One of the best gifts you can give your dad this father’s day is the ability to hike longer distances for a longer time. A set of trekking poles will do just that. They take weight and stress off Dad’s knees, hips and ankles plus two extra points of contact to the ground add extra stability.

For fickle feet check out the Superfeet supportive inner soles and hikers wool to keep dad’s toes-a-tapping.


The Working From Home Adventure-Dad

EXPED Booties will keep dad’s feet warm and toasty on his next night out in the wilderness. Bonus if he’s working from home like most of us you can wear them around the house as work attire.

Speaking of work attire if dad is on Zoom these days he might as well be comfy in a pair of super warm and fleecy Mont Flashpoint Pants.

Classic Father’s day Gifts – socks and a book

Look! If you’re going to get him socks, make them Bridgedale trekking socks that will last him a lifetime. Ever seen a dad truly excited about getting socks as a pressie? No because you’ve been buying him the wrong socks. Grab him a pair of the best bridgedale socks and watch his face light up!

Lastly, if you’re lucky enough to have your dad around and close by grab some maps and a guide book and plan an adventure with him. Exploring the outdoors with your dad, together is the best gift you can give him this dad’s day.


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