Affiliates & Associations

Currently on hiatus, the Wild Endurance annual race has helped raise close to a million dollars for the Australian environment. With its particular focus on the health of Australia's watershed, and particularly on the mere 3% of pristine rivers left, Wild Endurance plays an essential part in raising awareness of the vital issue of our water and natural ecosystems. The incomparable Kimberly is also one of Wild Endurance's key campaigns, and ensuring that the irreversible action of mining and destroying the Kimberly never happens is their passion. Trek & Travel are proud to support them in their endeavors to save Australia's heritage and lifeblood.

Ten years ago, Wild Women on Top founder Di Westaway found herself 20,000 feet high near the summit of Mt Aconcagua, Argentina, gasping for breath, and not just because of the spectacular view! Realizing that she had been ill prepared for attacking a world class trekking peak, she returned to Australia with a dream of helping women discover the wonders of the world - and be physically prepared to do so! Since then, Wild Women on Top have grown exponentially and expanded their portfolio to include charity runs and fundraising along with the ever-present fitness training for their enthusiastic members.

The Wilderness Society was born in 1976, out of the coming together of passionate and concerned everymen fighting for victory over the Franklin River Dam. Since then, they have grown and gained the support of thousands of other friends - both nationally and internationally - and in the process, saved thousands of acres of pristine wilderness and areas of natural beauty. Working untiringly in the background, they are doing all they can to preserve the earth that we all love.

The National Parks Association of NSW is a non-government convervation group that seeks to protect, connect and restore the integrity and diversity of natural systems in NSW and beyond through national parks, marine sanctuaries and other means. Trek & Travel is proud to associate with and support members of the NPA.

Since 1984, BackTrack Adventures has been leading the intrepid and not-so intrepid on journeys beyond the ken of your average travel company. BackTrack Adventures proudly claim that they can take you to about any place on earth you can think of, and with a checklist of countries that runs from Italy to Tanzania to Nepal, we think they're right. Backtrack Adventures have a particular affinity for PNG and in particular the Kokoda track, and if you have an an itching to traverse this historical and breathtaking locale, they're the people to take you.

The Australian Himalayan Foundation is a charitable institution dedicated to giving back to the Nepalese community. Encouraging those who have been moved by their experiences in the Himalayas to contribute to the preservation of both the lifestyle and the mountains there, the Foundation supports a wide range of charitable acitvities, from snow leopard conservation to education programs.

The Great Himalaya Trail is dedicated to raising awareness of the many overlooked trails in the Himalayas, and to supporting the development of a sustainable tourist and hiking trade which can have a positive impact on the country. Partnership with local guides and well-grounded research all contribute to a growing knowledge base for trekkers looking for something a bit out of the ordinary.

Andrew Lock

The most accomplished high altitude mountaineer in Australian history, Andrew Lock has earned almost as many distinctions and honours as he has bagged peaks. He is the only Australian, and the first person in the Commonwealth, to climb all 14 of the world's 8,000 metre mountains. Part of an elite group which compromises the world's best alpinists, he is the recipient of the Australian National Medal, the Australian Defense medal and has twice been awarded the Mount Everest medal by the Government of Nepal. In 2011, Andrew was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for Services to Mountaineering. In 2012, Andrew announced his retirement from pursuits in the "death zone", and is now concentrating on lower-altitude pursuits such as rafting the Franklin River and throwing himself into the charities he works for and supports.

Chris Jensen Burke

Chris is the first Australasian woman to reach the summit of K2 (2nd highest), Lhotse (4th), Makalu (5th), Annapurna (10th) and Gasherbrum 1 (11th).

Chris' home base is Sydney, Australia. She was born in Timaru (NZ), and has dual NZ and Australian citizenship. Chris is passionate about helping and raising awareness for the following charitable and community organisations: The Eggtober Foundation (Sydney based), the Australian Himalayan Foundation (which also partners with the Himalayan Trust of NZ). She also undertakes and assists with private charitable and educational initiatives in Nepal.

In 2013, Chris became one of only a small handful of climbers, female or male, to reach the summit of 4 x 8,000m peaks in a 12 month period when she reached the summit of Lhotse, G1, G2 and Manaslu. She followed these climbs up by climbing 3 x 8,000m peaks in 2014 (Makalu, K2 and Cho-Oyu).